Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia Storytelling

  • Learn fundamentals of narrative design
  • Communicate and engage effectively
  • Master cutting-edge media technologies



Education Design

Education Design

  • Control your own learning objectives
  • Build a sustainable education roadmap
  • Leverage new teacher/learner paradigms


Beyond textbooks and tutorials.

We’re building a better way to learn the future’s most important skills.

Self Starter’s Guides are learning content packages, each combining a core digital text with video interviews, case studies, modular lessons, and a compendium of further resources.

This is an experiment in education and digital publishing; intended to combine the best features of books, videos, websites, and lessons into cohesive systems of focused and practical content.

Educational essentials.

In this day and age, there are some fundamental requirements to which all good educational content must adhere: such material must be modular, concise, engaging, essential, adaptive, intuitive, and above all effective.

We aspire to meet all these criteria with Self Starter’s Guides, and to get there, we’ll be taking an iterative approach, producing all content with an eye for collaboration and an ear constantly attuned your feedback. Each Guide will be an evolving multimedia package, growing and updating as we capture the real-time changes in storytelling, technology, media, design, and education.

Preview coming soon. Full launch in 2014.