Welcome to the Library

The Self Starter’s Guide Library is a collection of the most interesting, engaging, intriguing, captivating, and helpful resources anywhere on the Internet for people interested in learning awesome things. We’ve collected essays, videos, interviews, how-to articles, even other collections of great material. This is not a comprehensive library; it does not contain hundreds of items, endless lists of infinite-scrolling resources, nor does it intend to. Instead, this is a library that we’ve curated to be an evolving and shifting, current snapshot of the very best, carefully filtered, but with enough content that we’re confident you’ll discover interesting things you’ve never seen before.

In addition to cutting-edge resources on designing your own educational roadmap, you’ll find fascinating and superb material from a wide cross-section of different fields and disciplines and types of ideas. This is a place to find new things, get a bit of random inspiration, break out beyond what you know, and spark connections between your interests and cool things happening in the wider world.

Education Design

A library about learning, creating your own educational roadmap, and exploring new things.

Multimedia Storytelling

A library about media technology, the narrative arts, crafting experiences and stories.

NOTE: This is currently an experiment, very unfinished and not at all comprehensive!

I’m using embedded Pinboard bookmarks; I may try Arena blocks as well. If either of those things mean anything to you I’m happy to talk further about WordPress media collection etc. etc.