Why take this course?

Learn the Right Skills

Figure out how to acquire the skills you need for your dream job — efficiently, without wasting time and money

Invest in Your Future

Making an investment in yourself upfront, to define your learning goals and plan how to reach them, will pay returns for life

Get a Better Sense of Your Options

Taking the long view will help you gain a broader perspective for career and creative possibilities

Active, effective learning

The course is delivered straight to your inbox — a series of 8 lessons, simple and digestible, but powerful. These lessons demand participation and active learning, and if you complete each assignment, you’ll come out of it with a solid plan for how to plan your educational goals, optimize your time and resources, and take charge of your learning journey.

What will you learn?

Lesson 1: Getting Started and Defining Your Learning Goals

Figuring out something attainable to learn; creating practical, realistic goals to get you there; motivations and a holistic approach, design thinking, and plotting your learning map.

Lesson 2: Creating a Timeline and Other Logistics

Setting up constraints to help keep you on track with your learning, project management, developing a timeline and schedule, and budgeting your learning resources.

Lesson 3: Mentors, Guidance, and Teachers in Unexpected Places

Finding support for your learning journey — external people and resources to draw on for useful advice, encouragement, and help in navigating the vast landscape of your goals and interests.

Lesson 4: Tools, Structures, and Systems for Learning

Frameworks for moderating your energy levels and motivation, building systems for finding good information sources, and other advanced structural components of learning.

Lesson 5: Immersion, Community, and Collaboration

Finding, joining, and creating peer networks, learning via feedback, collaborative discussion and creation, and immersive activity, in various different types of communities.

Lesson 6: Making and Measuring Progress

Tracking and actively evaluating your learning, reducing uncertainty about your learning strategies, giving yourself useful incentives, and perspectives on progress.

Lesson 7: Showcasing Your Skills

Credentialing, demonstrating what you know, from résumés to portfolios to project histories, positioning your work for others, sharing your knowledge, and progressively challenging yourself.

Lesson 8: Retaining and Using What You Learn

Remembering things through practice and active creation, play and experimentation, teaching as a means of deepening your learning, and the power of cross-pollination.

How does it work?

Learn at your own pace

Each lesson will take you about a half hour to complete, including a brief assignment. The course will be self-paced; as soon as you finish the first lesson, you’ll be able to access the next one. Go through the whole thing in a week, or spread it out over a few months, whichever works best for you.

Personalized Feedback

Lastly, if you’re among the first group of beta testers to take this course, please note that I’ll be available to respond to any questions throughout the duration of the course, and offer personalized feedback on your assignments!

About the Instructor

Hi, my name is Brendan. I’ll be the one sending you emails, giving you feedback on your assignments, and helping you out along the way with any questions you have. I’m a Yale alum from Seattle, now living in New York, with a background in film, digital media, storytelling, and writing.

Since 2011 I’ve been working at the intersection of education, media, and storytelling, creating a web series to help people learn guitar picking technique. I love writing, technology, design, and innovation. And I’ve spent the past two years researching the future of education and developing this course.

Raising a warm glass of hot chocolate to your learning progress. Cheers!

Raising a warm glass of hot chocolate to your learning progress. Cheers!

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