Our mission is to help you learn and create more effectively.

Self Starter’s Guide creates events, courses, and other resources to help you turbocharge your learning goals, explore your curiosity, and bring more creativity into your daily life.

SSG is both school and lab; our approach prioritizes not only learning, but playful inquiry and creative experimentation. Explore our projects below!

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I’ve created two free email courses to introduce you to some of the things I care about most — pursuing self-directed learning, and building a creative habit. Choose whichever you think looks most interesting and sign up below!

Design Your Learning Roadmap

Jumpstart your learning journey!

I’ve put together a week’s worth of lessons on implementing your own self-directed curriculum, from setting your goals, to measuring and showcasing what you learn.

Build a Daily Writing Habit

Want to write every day? I’ve put together a free five-day email course that will show you how.

This course is designed to introduce you to the benefits of starting a writing habit, and help you make it happen.

NOTE: I’m currently developing more in-depth courses; if you’re on the mailing list I’ll keep you posted when I have more to share. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Idea Exchange

Small-group conceptual show-and-tells, focused on sharing interesting and uncommon ideas.

Living Room Learning

Intimate workshops and creative explorations in a nice cozy Brooklyn living room.


Curriculum Concierge

In-depth, one-one-one guidance for your personal learning goals.

The Self Starter’s Library

Our modular knowledge base, filled with the best free resources we’ve found on all sorts of fascinating topics.

Uncommon Core

A more well-rounded 21st century curriculum.

Ideas and Experiments

Explore the complete list of early-stage experiments we’ve got in the pipeline. If any of these interest you, please get in touch!

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